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Some people don't believe in themselves until somebody else does
  • And one of my biggest mistakes is that I’ve been passing through moments of joy, and I’ve been sad with all my feelings.
  • It was said, when you pass a difficult phase of your life, you continue life as a survivor and not as a victim.
  • Whoever rushed the thing prematurely was punished by his deprivation.
  • The great is great in everything, even in his sorrows and pain.
  • Now I know that faces are mirrors of souls, light and dark.
  • Whoever wants God to open the eyes of his heart, let his work be in secret more than his work in public, for the work of secret is the source of sincerity, and the work of sincerity is the source of wisdom.
  • The pain of the past reminds you that now you’re stronger, you’re still standing, and the wound is just a scar that reminds you of how strong you are.
  • If God wants a good slave, open the door to work and close the door to debate; if he wants evil, close the door to work and open the door to debate.
  • Days have nothing to do with maturity. We grow up through the people in our lives.
  • Peace be upon those whose lives are not replaced, whose ways are not divided, and whose circumstances are not changed.

Inspirational quotes about life

  • Protect your dreams and never let anyone disappoint you or demoralize you by telling you you can’t do anything. On the contrary, if you want something, get up and get it.
  • Some people don’t believe in themselves until somebody else does.
  • Accidents that affect human beings increase their experience, so everyone has to choose whether to be a victim or anything else they want to be.
  • Everyone leaves a mark in the lives of the people around him, and when he leaves, others feel that vacuum as if a deep hole affected their lives.
  • If you want to live, you have to find out and don’t care about danger; hiding behind walls won’t show up without looking for it.
  • In this life, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone but yourself. Convince yourself of your abilities if you can’t do it now; you can’t do it later.

Quotes for the world

  • We’re in this world on a test, and at any moment your paper may be withdrawn, and the time that God has set aside for you, as well as focus on your paper, leave another paper.
  • Passers and lowers aren’t ours. We’ll spend a day leaving behind everything. Maybe we’ll close our lives with good work and meet you.
  • Don’t let your goodness be a book that everyone can go through; there are people who don’t deserve a letter from him.
  • Don’t be sad if you get stuck in life; maybe God misses hearing your voice, and you’re calling it.
  • The fall of man is not a failure, but a failure to keep man where he falls.
  • A man doesn’t make life, while life makes a man of it.
  • No matter how perfect you are, you can’t act for life.
  • Live your spontaneity, leave people the sin of guessing, and they’re the fault of what they think.
  • The more stupid a human being is, the more certain he’s the best at everything.
  • Recitations on life and hope
  • We live to draw a smile, wipe a tear, ease a pain, because tomorrow awaits us, and the past has gone away and we’ve dated with the New Dawn horizon.
  • Hope is that little window, no matter how small it is, but it opens up vast horizons in life.
  • People are metal, rusted with boredom, stretched with hope, and shrunk with pain.
  • Don’t despair if you trip your feet and fall into a big hole; you’ll get out of it, you’re more cohesive and strong, and God is with the patient.
  • We will work together to support courage where there is fear, to encourage negotiation when there is conflict, and to give hope where there is despair.

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